Tatsuo Ishii wrote:
Here is a patch to fix the endian problem of 6.1. With this patch,
your big endian postgres server will begin to speak little endian as
From Thomas:

I have tested this patch on my Linux/i686/little-endian machine with
v6.1 and it does not damage my already working installation.

Tatsuo I. reports successful tests on several platforms. I vaguely
recall that someone else reported success on a mixed-endian pair of
platforms. Is there any reason to not introduce it into the source tree?

If no one expresses reservations in the next couple of days, and if no
one claims the job, I will go ahead and commit this to the source tree
as a candidate change for the upcoming jumbo-patch.
I think his original patch was correct. It's the ODBC and JDBC drivers
that are not using the network to host long and short. They were
assuming little endian, but the correct network way is big endian.

Darren darrenk@insightdist.com


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