Frank Dana wrote:

The main AIX 3.2.5 problem is that USE_POSIX_TIME cannot be applied, as
AIX 3.2.5 supports neither int timezone (even tho configure seems to
think it does) nor the Sun/DEC tm struct with tm_gmtoff field. The
non-POSIX time handling seems just plain broken. My patches will therefore
only affect AIX 3.2.5 and NeXTstep, the other platform without POSIX_TIME.

Last I heard from Darren (as of Friday) he hadn't tested under AIX 3.2.5.
AIX 4.1 supports POSIX_TIME and is therefore not a problem.
Good timing...running the regression on 325 right now...

I compiled it by defining HAVE_INT_TIMEZONE in config.h and leaving
USE_POSIX_TIME defined. Compiled very nicely. datetime test passed,
but the abstime, tinterval and horology tests failed. No crashes or core
dumps, but some "Bad external representation" errors in the log file.

If you can live with datetime and not abstime, etc..., maybe give this a shot
until they're fixed. I personally'll wait for the "Grand Unified Date", ala
Oracle, but me thinks I'm gonna need a very comfy chair to wait in. :) :)

Darren darrenk@insightdist.com


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