Sorry, I left office 11 Jun before Michael got bad results
with new nbtcompare.c and I forgot to say that 12 Jun is holyday
in Russia. Now I'm here and waiting for test data from Michael...
BTW, my test with char-values > 127 is Ok.

Michael Reifenberger wrote:
On Wed, 11 Jun 1997, Vadim B. Mikheev wrote:
Michael, do you use chars which >= 128 ?
If yes and you havn't USE_LOCALE defined that problems
with text-field come from nbtcompare.c:bttextcmp() - it uses
Next try.
Now I compiled the source with (configuere --enable-locale).


hopp=> copy h from '/a/hopp/export/h.dmp';
FATAL 1:palloc failure: memory exhausted
I don't understand it! bttextcmp() frees memory allocated
for strcoll! Problems in strcoll ?
(But I have 64MB Memory + 588MB Swap, which is 11% used).

After restarting psql again I try:

hopp=> drop table h;
NOTICE:AbortTransaction and not in in-progress state
NOTICE:AbortTransaction and not in in-progress state


Not only that.

It seems that the files h (the table) and h1 (the index) get deleted.
(As it should)
If I now recreate the table and index, I get a message that they already exist.
(But the datafiles don't).

If I do a \d, I see woth index and table, if I do a select * from h I get;
WARN:cannot write block 1 of h1 [hopp] blind

(Which is correct because the datafiles are missing).
I got the same! You have to restart postmaster to get rid of
durty blocks of h1 in buffer pool!
I don't know why elog(FATAL) doesn't call something like
abort() (as ASSERT() does) and simply call exit(0)!



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