Michael, do you use chars which >= 128 ?
If yes and you havn't USE_LOCALE defined that problems
with text-field come from nbtcompare.c:bttextcmp() - it uses

char *ap, *bp;
(it was changed from unsigned near 20 May)

while text funcs in varlena.c use unsigned char: UNSIGNED_CHAR_TEXT
is defined. (It's big inconvenience that btree in one cases use
funcs from nbtcompare.c and in other cases - from utils/adt/*.c)
Do you remember bug with btree and AbsoluteTime - the same cause!

I hope that my assumption is right and we may have good dreams
with cleaned btree...

But what should we use - signed or unsigned chars in both places
if USE_LOCALE is not defined ?

We must clean this code before 6.1! It's easy.

Would using unsigned chars for varlena break anything else? If not,
I think we should use unsigned since it is necessary for USE_LOCALE
and wouldn't hurt if not USE_LOCALE.

Darren darrenk@insightdist.com


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