I don't know what the aix-port specific code does, (of cource Darren King
<aixssd!darrenk@abs.net> knows a lot about it), and I don't know if it is
required for the gcc port - I just know, that the compiled version works
on my RS/6000-Mod 320H.
Does the regression test run? Does the shared lib part of it work? This
would be great if it did...not deadly if it didn't. Just wouldn't have the
extensibility, but as long as it was otherwise functional.

All of the hocus-pocus needed to generate the import/export symbol files
is for the IBM compiler/linker. If gcc can make postgres so that it can
use the shared libs, then hurrah for gcc! The stuff in the port dir is
still needed, it's the symbol files that would be unnecessary. In the
aix section, the define of MAKE_EXPORTS could then be put in with defining
the CFLAGS_BE for the IBM compiler only.

I finally got gcc built/installed, I'll give it a shot in the next couple
of days and get these patches melded together.
One problem I ran into, was that the libld.a was not installed on my
machine, which can be found in the package bos.adt.lib of the AIX
Installation CD (thanks to Jens-Uwe Mager <jum@anubis.han.de> for his
The libld.a is needed for the functions in the c module in the port
directory for loading in the shared libs.
Now for the changes in the Makefile.global in the aix-port section:
Replace the option
CFLAGS_BE= -qchars=signed -qmaxmem=4000
CFLAGS_BE= -fsigned-char
and add
LEX= flex
YACC= bison -y
Correct. The -q flags are for the IBM compiler series. Maybe wrap these
in an 'ifeq($CC,gcc)'. For 6.1, the LEX and YACC flags would be taken care
of by configure, would they not? Marc? Could a different CFLAGS be defined
depending on what compiler is found or specified? This would eliminate
having a separated "port" for the two compilers on the same platform.

Good job Gerhard...glad to hear another AIX voice on the list. :)

Darren darrenk@insightdist.com


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