Date: Sun, 13 Apr 1997 12:08:41 +0100
From: Keith Parks <>
Subject: Re: [HACKERS] Getting number of modified records?


I was just checking through some old mail in my mailbox and came across this
message with no replies.
Please cc: all mails in this thread to, since I unsubscribed
from the hackers list (no answers for a long time)
I know we don't currently report the number of rows updated.

Would anyone familliar with the PostgreSQL update mechanism be able to comment
on how easy (or difficult :-( ) this would be to impliment.

I use Oracle at work and I find it quite comforting to see a message like
"1 row updated" when I type in a query that I intend to update 1 row.

If I get "23,000,000 rows updated" I know I've gone wrong :-)
Yes. The same is needed for the adaptor for NeXT's Enterprise Objects
Framework. I am writing such a beast. Currently, I do a select to look how many
rows match the qualifier and remember that number. But that's not what I call
nice. (You can find the adaptor for NeXT, Intel and SUN on my homepage)

Is there a way, to lock a record? A HOLDLOCK-Lookalike? In my view, that's a
must-have too.
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