Nothing here *seems* applicable, or applyable(sp?)...the context diff
you supplied...fixes things for AIX, but does it break everyone else? :(

Please correct me if I'm wrong...
On Tue, 8 Apr 1997, Darren King wrote:

I've finally gotten the shared library stuff to work for AIX for 6.0. For
6.0, I've just hacked this in as I'm not a "make" guru by any means. If
anyone would like to put this in as proper make rules, etc, I'll be more than
happy to explain what exactly has to happen. I'm posting this in case some-
one absolutely has to have this working. This is NOT meant as a permanent
patch to the 6.0 source... ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Last line is to that effect. I only posted it so someone with AIX could at least
run the regression test and load in shared libraries if need be.

I'm working on a clean patch that will be applicable to the source tree.

Basically what has to happen is that postgres needs to be compiled with an empty
symbol file (postgres.exp), have the symbols dumped in that file and then relink
postgres with the now non-empty symbol file. Do I have to override the postgres
rule in the backend/Makefile in the aix section of or something?



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