Hi Hackers,

I've tried to compile Postgres 6.0 on an IBM RS6000 with GCC 2.7.2 and AIX
4.1.4 and got an unresolved ref. error. The reason ist that it uses a lib
called lidld which is not part of AIX. In the port specific directory I
found code to create this lib, but only the description to create it with
the AIX compiler.

The main reason why I would like to build Postgres with GNU C is, that
from AIX Version 4, IBM does NOT ship a compiler with the OS (one more
company, which thinks, that a *IX user should pay for a compiler :-().

Q: Could any one help to build this lib (or build Postgres without it -
this would be more problem, I think)?

Q: Is there a plan to use GCC for Postgres under AIX? I don't have much
time, but I would spend some time for an GNU C Port and test it.

Thanks in advance,

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