My test platform on AIX-3.2.5 works fine (regression test, etc) with
one exception: loading of modules (ie, regression test trying to
load fails.

WARN:Load of file /u/roger/pgsql/6.0/src/src/test/regress/ failed: dlopen: /u/roger/pgsql/6.0/src/src/test/regress/ No such file or directory

(yes the file exists, so ENOENT doesn't make sense....)
So I played around directly in psql. I made a bogus file in /tmp,
"" and tried to load it. I got the expected ENOEXEC,
I copied to /tmp, tried to load it, but still got

Can anyone verify that this feature works on AIX, and if so,
any ideas of what I should look at to fix this ?
This was broken in the Makefile revisions from 1.09 to 6.0.
I've spent some time on this and have gotten close to getting it
working, but I still don't have it just right.

If you want to take a whack at it yourself, check out the Makefiles
in 1.09 to see how things are built. Also some stuff in the aix
port directory.



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