Pavel Stehule writes:
2013/8/27 David E. Wheeler <>
But whatever the keyword, I think it makes sense to require one to return
results to the caller. Any query that does not return, yield, or capture
(select into) values should just have its results discarded.
A usual and first solution and syntax is defined by Sybase - we can define
own syntax, but I don't think so it is necessary be original everywhere.
My opinion is surely subjective - this feature is one from few features
that are nice on T-SQL.
We aren't following T-SQL on any other syntax detail, so why would we
start with this one? plpgsql is meant to follow Oracle syntax not T-SQL.

I agree with David that we should use some new syntax to specify
return-results-directly-to-client, assuming we ever get any such
functionality. It seems like a pretty bad choice of default behavior,
which is essentially what you're saying it should be.

    regards, tom lane

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