Andres Freund writes:
On 2013-08-26 10:10:54 -0700, Josh Berkus wrote:
I'm going to reverse my vote, and vote against this patch. The reason
why is that I think we should instead have a function:

pg_controldata(parameter text)

... which would report *all* strings in pg_controldata. Hence, you'd do

pg_controldata('system identifier')

This will hopefully spare us from 15 patches incrementally adding all of
the individual items in controldata.
If anything but the proposed feature, it should be an SRF - passing in
text parameters isn't very discoverable.
I'm not pleased with the idea that we'd have to dumb all the relevant
datatypes down to text so that we could push them through this single

Also, what about i18n? pg_controldata localizes all the strings it
prints, but I doubt that's a great idea for either the input or the
output of this proposed function.

    regards, tom lane

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