Marc Cousin writes:
On 23/08/2013 23:55, Tom Lane wrote:
My previous suggestion was to estimate planning cost as
10 * (length(plan->rangetable) + 1)
but on reflection it ought to be scaled by one of the cpu cost constants,
so perhaps
1000 * cpu_operator_cost * (length(plan->rangetable) + 1)
which'd mean a custom plan has to be estimated to save a minimum of
about 5 cost units (more if more than 1 table is used) before it'll
be chosen. I'm tempted to make the multiplier be 10000 not 1000,
but it seems better to be conservative about changing the behavior
until we see how well this works in practice.

Objections, better ideas?
No better idea as far as I'm concerned, of course :)
But it is a bit tricky to understand what is going on when you get
hit by it, and using a very approximated cost of the planning time
seems the most logical to me. So I'm all for this solution.
I've pushed a patch along this line. I verified it fixes your original
example, but maybe you could try it on your real application?

    regards, tom lane

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