On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 08:36:37AM -0400, Stephen Frost wrote:
* Amit Kapila (amit.kapila16@gmail.com) wrote:
This can resolve the problem of whether to read auto file rather
cleanly, so the idea is:

Enable/Disable reading of auto file
a. Have a new include in postresql.conf
#include_auto_conf_file postgresql.auto.conf
as it is a special include, we can read this file relative to data
The big advantage of using 'include_auto_conf_file' and not simply
'include' is that we can issue an error from ALTER SYSTEM SET if that is
not set.
Enable/Disable Alter System command
This can be achieved in 3 ways:
a. Check before executing Alter System if include directive is
disabled, then just issue a warning to user and proceed with command.
b. Check before executing Alter System if include directive is
disabled, then just issue an error and stop.
It doesn't make sense for it to be a 'warning' with this- the
parameter specifies the file to use. If you don't know what file to
use, how you can possibly do anything but return an error?
Agreed. No sense in allowing users to add things to the 'auto' file
when the auto file is inactive.
Note that I *like* that about this approach.

There are a few other considerations with this-

- What should the default be? (Still thinking 'off' myself)
Probably, but we might need to wait until we have a final API for a
decision on that.
- What happens if the user specifies 'postgresql.conf'? I'm thinking we
would disallow such insanity (as that's what it is, imv..) by having
an identifier in the file that this is the PG "auto conf" file.
I am thinking they can't include a value equal to 'config_file', which
is normally postgresql.conf. I am not a big fan of looking for special
text in files. This might be complex to check, though, because of path
changes --- we might just disallow the basement from matching the
basename of config_file.

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