On Mon, Aug 19, 2013 at 4:20 AM, Heikki Linnakangas wrote:
Well, I don't see much harm in keeping the old behavior as an undocumented
escape hatch, as it is now. The way I'd phrase the current situation is
this: 9.3 now always does "fast promotion". However, for debugging and
testing purposes, you can still trigger the old behavior by manually
creating a file in $PGDATA. That should never be necessary in the field,

There's one thing that irks me with the current situation, however: if you
use 9.2 version of pg_ctl against a 9.3 server, it will inadvertently
trigger slow promotion, because it creates the "promote" file. Since fast
mode is the default, and not only the default but the only documented mode,
it's confusing if you can accidentally trigger the old behavior like that.

And it's even worse if you use 9.3 pg_ctl against a 9.2 server: it will
create a filed called "fast_promote" and return success, but it won't
actually do anything.

I think "promote" file should trigger the fast promotion, and the filename
to trigger the slow mode should be called "fallback_promote" or
"safe_promote" or something like that. There wasn't any good reason to
change the filename primarily used. It might even break people's scripts for
no good reason, if people are creating the $PGDATA/promote file themselves
without using pg_ctl.


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