Alvaro Herrera writes:
Alvaro Herrera wrote:
In addition to that, it might be a good idea to do what the comment in the
code suggests, namely do more than zero checking on each file name to try
to make sure it looks like a stats temp file name that we'd generate
before we delete it. The ownership/permissions test wouldn't be enough
to prevent you from pointing at, say, ~postgres and thereby losing some
files you'd rather not.
This seems pretty simple to do; see second attachment. (It would delete
files named, "db_1234.tmpfoobar", that is, valid names with suffixes,
but I can't see that being a problem). (I haven't really tested this
part at all.)
Here's the second attachment.
This looks good except that it can't tell "db_123.statfoo" isn't a match.
The scan limit/buffer size needs to be greater than the longest string
you care about, not only equal to. I think strcmp not strncmp would be
better coding, too. Please fix that and commit -- I think this part
is pretty noncontroversial.

    regards, tom lane

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