On Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 02:15:31PM -0400, Bruce Momjian wrote:
Well, it's certainly not immediately obvious why we shouldn't merge them.
But I would have expected the function's header comment to now explain
that the output is intentionally not schema-qualified and assumes that the
search path is set for the object's schema if any.
OK, done with the attached patch. The dump output is unchanged.
Also, this seems like dead code as there is no test for "INDEX" in the
if() block it exists in:
* Pre-7.3 pg_dump would sometimes (not always) put a fmtId'd name
* into te->tag for an index. This check is heuristic, so make its
* scope as narrow as possible.
if (AH->version < K_VERS_1_7 &&
te->tag[0] == '"' &&
te->tag[strlen(te->tag) - 1] == '"' &&
strcmp(type, "INDEX") == 0)
appendPQExpBuffer(buf, "%s", te->tag);
Huh, yeah it is dead code, since _printTocEntry doesn't call this function
for "INDEX" objects. And anyway I doubt anybody still cares about reading
7.2-era archive files. No objection to removing that.
Patch applied.

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