I think that it is not that simple: it is a good value to check that the
syntax error message conveys a useful information for the user, and that
changes to the parser rules do not alter good quality error messages.
It's good to check those things when a feature is implemented. However,
once it's done, the odds of the bison parser breaking are very low.
I do not know that. When the next version of bison is out (I have 2.5 from
2011 on my laptop, 2.7.1 was released on 2013-04-15), or if a new "super
great acme incredible" drop-in replacement is proposed, you would like to
see the impact, whether positive or negative, it has on error messages
before switching.
Thus, the benefit of testing that over again thousands of times a day
is pretty tiny.
Sure, I agree that thousands of times per day is an overkill for syntax
errors. But once in a while would be good, and for that you need to have
them somewhere, and the current status is "nowhere".


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