On 04/07/13 10:43, Robert Haas wrote:

people who submit patches for review should also review patches: they
are asking other people to do work, so they should also contribute
I think that is an overly simplistic view of things. People submit
patches for a variety of reasons, but typically because they think the
patch will make the product better (bugfix or new functionality). This
is a contribution in itself, not a debt.

Now reviewing is performed to ensure that submitted code is *actually*
going to improve the product.

Both these activities are volunteer work - to attempt to tie them
together forceably is unusual to say the least. The skills and
experience necessary to review patches are considerably higher than
those required to produce patches, hence the topic of this thread.

Now I do understand we have a shortage of reviewers and lots of patches,
and that this *is* a problem - but what a wonderful problem...many open
source projects would love to be in this situation!!!



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