On 27 June 2013 23:18, Tom Lane wrote:

Exactly what is the argument that says performance of this
function is sufficiently critical to justify adding both the maintenance
overhead of a new pg_class index, *and* a broken-by-design syscache?
I think we all agree on changing the syscache.

I'm not clear why adding a new permanent index to pg_class is such a
problem. It's going to be a very thin index. I'm trying to imagine a use
case that has pg_class index maintenance as a major part of its workload
and I can't. An extra index on pg_attribute and I might agree with you. The
pg_class index would only be a noticeable % of catalog rows for very thin
temp tables, but would still even then be small; that isn't even necessary
work since we all agree that temp table overheads could and should be
optimised away somwhere. So blocking a new index because of that sounds

What issues do you foresee? How can we test them?

Or perhaps we should just add the index and see if we later discover a
measurable problem workload?

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