On 25/06/13 03:54, Joshua D. Drake wrote:

It is mentioned. Of course now I can't find it but it is there.

However, I believe you are taking the wrong perspective on this. This is
not a shame wall. It is a transparent reminder of the policy and those
who have not assisted in reviewing a patch but have submitted a patch

In short, leave the ego at the door.
Lol - Josh's choice of title has made it a small shame wall (maybe only
knee high).

However as your last line says - no *actual* harm has been done (no
kittens killed etc).

One of the reasons for fewer reviewers than submitters, is that it is a
fundamentally more difficult job. I've submitted a few patches in a few
different areas over the years - however if I grab a patch on the queue
that is not in exactly one of the areas I know about, I'll struggle to
do a good quality review.

Now some might say "any review is better than no review"... I don't
think so - one of my patches a while was reviewed by someone who didn't
really know the context that well and made the whole process grind to a
standstill until a more experienced reviewer took over. I'm quite wary
of doing the same myself - anti-help is not the answer!



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