On 6/21/13 1:45 PM, Josh Berkus wrote:
On 06/21/2013 09:48 AM, Jim Nasby wrote:
We've got some recently decommissioned servers and Enova is willing to
donate 2 of them to the community.

There's nothing terribly spectacular about the servers except for
memory. We have one 512G server available and the other would be either
192G or 96G. I know that folks already have access to machines with a
lot of cores, but I haven't seen reports of large memory machines.

CPU details vary but we're only looking at 20ish cores (though AFAIK
they're all 4 socket servers if that matters).

Local drives are nothing fancy (though some might possibly be SSD).
I'm sure we could use these for the performance test farm. If we need
to replace some of the drives, the community has money for that.
We might actually have some spare SSDs floating around; I'm checking. We're also thinking we might be able to get at least one of these up to 256G by swapping memory around.

Am I correct that the most valuable thing to the community the large memory size?

Who can be point of contact from the community to arrange shipping, etc?
Jim C. Nasby, Data Architect jim@nasby.net
512.569.9461 (cell) http://jim.nasby.net

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