On 5/13/13 9:28 AM, Noah Misch wrote:
It would be great if one client session could take advantage of multiple CPU
cores. EnterpriseDB wishes to start the trek into this problem space for 9.4
by implementing parallel internal (i.e. not spilling to disk) sort. This
touches on a notable subset of the infrastructure components we'll need for
parallel general query. My intent is to map out the key design topics, hear
about critical topics I hadn't considered, and solicit feedback on the quality
of the high-level plan. Full designs for key pieces will come later.
Have you considered GPU-based sorting? I know there's been discussion in the past.

To me, the biggest advantage of GPU sorting is that most of the concerns you've laid out go away; a backend that needs to sort just throws data at the GPU to do the actual sorting; all the MVCC issues and what not remain within the scope of a single backend.
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