On 4/28/13 7:50 AM, Craig Ringer wrote:
I find it frustrating that I've never seen an @paraccel email address here and that few of the other vendors of highly customised Pg offshoots are contributing back. It's almost enough to make me like the GPL.
FWIW, I think there's a pretty large barrier to these folks contributing back. Would the community really want to add a bunch of hooks to support something like Redshift? Or Greenplum? Or etc, etc.? Most of these guys have to change significant amounts of PG code, so much so that it's actually hard for them to stay current (which is why most of them just fork).

I do think this is a shame, but I'm not sure of any good way to fix it.
Jim C. Nasby, Data Architect jim@nasby.net
512.569.9461 (cell) http://jim.nasby.net

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