On 3/26/13 6:42 AM, Cédric Villemain wrote:
Le lundi 25 mars 2013 19:35:12, Daniel Farina a écrit :
On Mon, Mar 25, 2013 at 11:07 AM, Stefan Kaltenbrunner

Back when we used CVS for quite a few years I kept 7 day rolling
snapshots of the CVS repo, against just such a difficulty as this. But
we seem to be much better organized with infrastructure these days so I
haven't done that for a long time.
well there is always room for improvement(and for learning from others)
- but I agree that this proposal seems way overkill. If people think we
should keep online "delayed" mirrors we certainly have the resources to
do that on our own if we want though...

What about rdiff-backup? I've set it up for personal use years ago
(via the handy open source bash script backupninja) years ago and it
has a pretty nice no-frills point-in-time, self-expiring, file-based
automatic backup program that works well with file synchronization
like rsync (I rdiff-backup to one disk and rsync the entire
rsync-backup output to another disk). I've enjoyed using it quite a
bit during my own personal-computer emergencies and thought the
maintenance required from me has been zero, and I have used it from
time to time to restore, proving it even works. Hardlinks can be used
to tag versions of a file-directory tree recursively relatively

It won't be as compact as a git-aware solution (since git tends to to
rewrite entire files, which will confuse file-based incremental
differential backup), but the amount of data we are talking about is
pretty small, and as far as a lowest-common-denominator tradeoff for
use in emergencies, I have to give it a lot of praise. The main
advantage it has here is it implements point-in-time recovery
operations that easy to use and actually seem to work. That said,
I've mostly done targeted recoveries rather than trying to recover
entire trees.
I have the same set up, and same feedback.
I had the same setup, but got tired of how rdiff-backup behaved when a backup was interrupted (very lengthy cleanup process). Since then I've switched to an rsync setup that does essentially the same thing as rdiff-backup (uses hardlinks between multiple copies).

The only downside I'm aware of is that my rsync backups aren't guaranteed to be "consistent" (for however consistent a backup of an active FS would be...).
Jim C. Nasby, Data Architect jim@nasby.net
512.569.9461 (cell) http://jim.nasby.net

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