On Sat, Jan 19, 2013 at 12:33 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
Dimitri Fontaine <dimitri@2ndquadrant.fr> writes:
On the other hand, discrepancies in between command line arguments
processing in our tools are already not helping our users (even if
pg_dump -d seems to have been fixed along the years); so much so that
I'm having a hard time finding any upside into having a different set of
command line argument capabilities for the same tool depending on the
major version.
We are not talking about a new feature per se, but exposing a feature
that about every other command line tool we ship have. So I think I'm
standing on my position that it should get backpatched as a "fix".
I don't think that argument holds any water at all. There would still
be differences in command line argument capabilities out there ---
they'd just be between minor versions not major ones. That's not any
easier for people to deal with. And what will you say to someone whose
application got broken by a minor-version update?
I heartily agree. I can say from firsthand experience that when minor
releases break things for customers (and they do), the customers get
*really* cranky. Based on recent experience, I think we should be
tightening our standards for what gets back-patched, not loosening
them. (No, I don't have a specific example off-hand, sorry.)

Robert Haas
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