Andrew Dunstan wrote:

For Linux, perhaps some form of lsof with the +D option?
This actually won't help. In most cases the relevant data directory has
long disappeared out from under the rogue postmaster as part of
buildfarm cleanup. Also, lsof is not universally available. We try to
avoid creating new dependencies if possible.
Well, I did say "for Linux" and the reason I suggested lsof is that
it does show deleted files which are being held open (or in the
suggested command, the pids of processes holding open files in or
under the requested directory). However, if you want a solution
which works for all OSs, lsof obviously doesn't do the job; and if
the directory itself is deleted, +D doesn't help -- you would need
to grep the full output

Anyway, I guess we don't really need to do anything anyway, so the
point is moot.


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