Josh Berkus wrote:

The, shared_buffers, wal_buffers, and effective_cache_size (and possible
other future settings) can be set to -1. If they are set to -1, then we
use the figure:

shared_buffers = available_ram * 0.25
(with a ceiling of 8GB)
wal_buffers = available_ram * 0.05
(with a ceiling of 32MB)
effective_cache_size = available_ram * 0.75
(with a floor of 128MB)

If they are set to an amount, then we use the amount they are set to.

It would be nice to also automatically set work_mem, maint_work_mem,
temp_buffers, etc. based on the above, but that would be considerably
more difficult and require performance testing we haven't done yet.
My starting point for work_mem is usually:

work_mem = available_ram * 0.25 / max_connections

Like everything else, I might adjust from there, but it seems like
a sane starting point. Of course, one could easily argue for a
lower percentage or exclusion of some number of maint_work_mem


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