On 8/9/12 10:56 AM, Jameison Martin wrote:
[separate topic: pluggable heap manager]
I'm quite interested in pursuing more aggressive compression strategies, and I'd like to do so in the context of the heap manager. I'm exploring having a pluggable heap manager implementation and would be interested in feedback on that as a general approach. My thinking is that I'd like to be able to have PostgreSQL support multiple heap implementations along the lines of how multiple index types are supported, though probably only the existing heap manager implementation would be part of the actual codeline. I've done a little exploratory work of looking at the heap interface. I was planning on doing a little prototyping before suggesting anything concrete, but, assuming the concept of a layered heap manager is not inherently objectionable, I was thinking of cleaning up the heap interface a little (e.g. some HOT stuff has bled across a little), then taking a whack at formalizing the interface along the lines of the index layering. So ideally I'd make a few separate
submissions and if all goes according to plan I'd be able to have a pluggable heap manager implementation that I could work on independently and which could in theory use the same hooks as the existing heap implementation. And if it turns out that my implementation is deemed to be general enough it could be released to the community.
I'm definitely interested in things that can shrink our working-set-size; things that others might not be keen on. (Like having the on-disk format be tighter than the in-memory one). Having the ability to put in different heap storage could be a good way to accommodate that. Especially if you could change it on a per-table basis.
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