Peter Geoghegan writes:
On 1 June 2012 01:02, Jeff Janes wrote:
Sorry it has taken me a year to get back to this patch. I have wanted
to use it, and to ask other people to run it and report their results,
several time recently, so I would like to get it into the core.
Who marked this patch as rejected in the commitfest app? Why?
You don't think this bunch of database weenies would use an app without
a transaction log, I hope ;-). If you go to the "activity log" (link
at the upper right) it shows that Heikki did the deed, at
2012-06-20 07:34:08. The decision seems to have been taken in the
thread ending here:
which I observe you participated in ...
It would be nice if this information was automatically posted as a
"comment". Surely if a patch is rejected, there should be at least a
one-line explanation.
I suppose Heikki should have added a comment pointing to one or another
of those messages.

regards, tom lane

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