On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 9:01 PM, Josh Berkus wrote:
On 5/2/12 10:20 AM, Jameison Martin wrote:
Attached are the following as per various requests:
* test_results.txt: the performance benchmarking results,

* TestTrailingNull.java: the performance benchmarking code, with a few additional scenarios as per various requests

* hardinfo_report.txt: some information about the hardware and OS of the system on which the benchmarks were run, and

* postgresql.conf: the postgresql.conf used when running benchmarks. Note that the changes made to the vanilla postgresql.conf can be identified by looking for the string 'jamie' in the file I attached (there aren't that many)
Nice, thanks.  I'll try some of my own tests when I get a chance; I have
a really good use-case for this optimization.

The CommitFest application lists you as the reviewer for this patch.
Are you (I hope) planning to review it?

I see you posted up a follow-up email asking Tom what he had in mind.
Personally, I don't think this needs incredibly complicated testing.
I think you should just test a workload involving inserting and/or
updating rows with lots of trailing NULL columns, and then another
workload with a table of similar width that... doesn't. If we can't
find a regression - or, better, we find a win in one or both cases -
then I think we're done here.

Robert Haas
EnterpriseDB: http://www.enterprisedb.com
The Enterprise PostgreSQL Company

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