=?UTF-8?B?SmFuIFVyYmHFhHNraQ==?= <wulczer@wulczer.org> writes:
When you try to use the NEW variable in a statement-level trigger, you get
ERROR: record "new" is not assigned yet
DETAIL: The tuple structure of a not-yet-assigned record is indeterminate.
I'm not that familiar with PL/pgSQL code, so I'm not sure how or if this
should be fixed. From a quick look it seems that the NEW and OLD
variables could be defined as row variables instead of record, since the
format of the tuple is known.
Yeah, maybe. I suspect that that wouldn't have worked when the code was
first designed, but now that we create a separate execution context for
each trigger target table, it should be the case that NEW/OLD have
stable structure. You'd need to watch out for ALTER TABLE commands
though --- I don't remember exactly what plpgql does about rowtypes
changing underneath it.

regards, tom lane

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