On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 11:17 AM, Usama Dar wrote:
Hi Hackers,
I have a strange problem, or maybe it's not a strange problem but just
something wrong with my understanding i have SIP router which works with
postgresql using libpq, somewhere in the code it inserts a row in the
database and then when the insert is finished it invokes another module
which tries to read it , however sometimes the read operation doesn't find
the row which was just inserted, this happens if there are large number of
insert / read cycles like this are going on , the code which inserts the row
uses PQsendQuery to insert and waits for PQgetResult to return null before
the read module is invoked, the module which reads the row , reads it over a
new connection. My question is if PQgetResult returns null is this  a good
enough guarantee that a subsequent connection (even in next millisecond)
should be able to read that row??
Thanks for making me wiser
yeah -- Iron clad rule is that if you get the result and are able to
see that your query has been successfully transacted, so should
everyone else. Are you sure your query didn't error out? Are you
also sure you didn't open a transaction and not close it? our problem
is most likely on your end.


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