Dimitri Fontaine writes:
Tom Lane <tgl@sss.pgh.pa.us> writes:
2. Invent a command "ALTER EXTENSION extname ADD object-description"
that simply adds a pg_depend entry marking an existing object as
belonging to the extension. I think this was going to be part of the
plan anyway for ALTER EXTENSION UPGRADE, specifically we need that for
the bootstrap case of collecting some loose pre-existing objects into
an extension.
In the upgrade patch, that's spelled ALTER OBJECT foo SET EXTENSION bar;
and does exactly what you're proposing.
OK, that seems like an equally reasonable syntax; although doing it the
way I was thinking might have less of a code and documentation footprint
(I was vaguely imagining that it could share most of the COMMENT
infrastructure --- but haven't looked yet). In any case it seems like
this is a good piece to do next, since the required functionality is
clear and it's essential for more than one reason.

regards, tom lane

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