Hi Dimitri and Joachim.

I've looked the patch too, and I want to share some thoughts too. I've
used http://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Reviewing_a_Patch to guide my

Submission review:

I've apllied and compiled the patch successfully using the current master.

Usability review:

The dir format generated in my database 60 files, with different
sizes, and it looks very confusing. Is it possible to use the same
trick as pigz and pbzip2, creating a concatenated file of streams?

Feature test:

Just a partial review. I can dump / restore using lzf, but didnt
stress it hard to check robustness.

Performance review:

Didnt test it hard too, but looks ok.

Coding review:

Just a shallow review here.
I think I'd like to see a separate patch for the new compression
support. Sorry about that, I realize that's extra work…
Same feeling here, this is the 1st thing that I notice.

The md5.c and kwlookup.c reuse using a link doesn't look nice either.
This way you need to compile twice, among others things, but I think
that its temporary, right?

José Arthur Benetasso Villanova

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