On September 21, 2010 12:08:49 pm Kevin Grittner wrote:
Andrew Dunstan wrote:
Basically, AIUI, you have to move the old repo aside and freshly
clone the new repo.
I was assuming that, but it's good to have confirmation. What about
my repo at

http://git.postgresql.org/gitweb?p=users/kgrittn/postgres.git ?

Can that be reset to a copy of the new repo? (Or is that not really
I haven't migrated my development trees yet, but I'm planning on
simply applying a diff from the old repo to a newly created branch
in the new repo. However, that does mean losing the private commit
Yeah, I'd really rather not lose that.
I'm not sure much can be done about that, unless you migrate each
commit separately, which could be painful.
Perhaps. I might be able to use grep and sed to script it, though.
Right now I think I'd be alright to just pick off commits where the
committer was myself or Dan Ports. My bash-fu is tolerably good for
such purposes.
Maybe some of the git gurus have better ideas, though.
I'm all ears. ;-)

Here's a quick and easy way to move dev history to a new repo:

$ cd postgresql.old
$ git checkout yourbranch

# stream your commits into a "patch mailbox"
$ git format-patch --stdout master..HEAD > patches.mbox

# switch to the new repo
$ cd ../postgresql

# create a branch if not already
$ git checkout -b yourbranch

# apply the "patch mailbox"
$ git am ../postgresql.old/patches.mbox

That should do the trick. Your dev history will be kept.


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