Dean Rasheed writes:
The problem is that the trigger code assumes that anything it
allocates in the per-tuple memory context will be freed per-tuple
processed, which used to be the case because the loop in ExecutePlan()
calls ResetPerTupleExprContext() once each time round the loop, and
that used to correspond to once per tuple.
However, with the refactoring of that code out to nodeModifyTable.c,
this is no longer the case because the ModifyTable node processes all
the tuples from the subquery before returning, so I guess that the
loop in ExecModifyTable() needs to call ResetPerTupleExprContext()
each time round.
Hmmm ... it seems a bit unclean to be resetting the output-tuple
exprcontext at a level below the top of the plan. I agree that that's
probably the sanest fix at the moment, but I fear we may need to revisit
this in connection with writable CTEs. We might need a separate output
tuple context for each ModifyTable node, or something like that.

regards, tom lane

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