On 15 August 2010 18:38, Dean Rasheed wrote:
There are still a number of things left todo:
- extend ALTER VIEW with enable/disable trigger commands
On further reflection, I wonder if the ability to disable VIEW
triggers is needed/wanted at all. I just noticed that while it is
possible to disable a RULE on a TABLE, it is not possible to do so on
VIEW. This certainly makes sense for the _RETURN rule, although
possibly some people might have a use for disabling other rules on
views. The situation with triggers is similar - disabling an INSTEAD
OF trigger would be pointless, and could only lead to errors when
updating the view. Some people may have a use case for disabling
BEFORE and AFTER statement triggers on views, but I suspect that the
number of such cases is small, and I'm tempted to omit this, for now
at least.


- Dean

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