Tom Lane wrote:
One way to deal with it would be to expose the whole renegotiation
setting as a user configuratble option. So they can set *when* we
renegotiate, which would also let them turn it off completely.
Well, that might be a reasonable thing to do, because it's not just a
temporary kluge (that we won't know when to remove) but is adding an
arguably-useful-in-other-ways knob.
You'd still have to turn it off on the server side if you have a
*single* client that has the broken patch, but that's still a lot
better than nothing.
Well, if it's a GUC it can be set per-user or per-database, so there's
at least some hope of not having to turn it off for everyone.
Think it's worth taking a stab at?
If you want to do it, I'd be fine with it.

That would help me with a different problem:
SSL renegotiation is broken with Npgsql, the cause is Bug 321325
in the Mono security library
which does not look like it is ever going to be fixed.

Up to now I have crippled SSL renegotiation in our servers with a patch,
because I figured that bad SSL is better than no SSL.

Laurenz Albe

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