Magnus Hagander writes:
2010/2/22 Tom Lane <>:
Magnus Hagander <> writes:
One way to deal with it would be to expose the whole renegotiation
setting as a user configuratble option. So they can set *when* we
renegotiate, which would also let them turn it off completely.
Well, that might be a reasonable thing to do, because it's not just a
temporary kluge (that we won't know when to remove) but is adding an
arguably-useful-in-other-ways knob.
You'd still have to turn it off on the server side if you have a
*single* client that has the broken patch, but that's still a lot
better than nothing.
Well, if it's a GUC it can be set per-user or per-database, so there's
at least some hope of not having to turn it off for everyone.
Think it's worth taking a stab at?
If you want to do it, I'd be fine with it.

regards, tom lane

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