On Monday 25 May 2009 00:55:17 Tom Lane wrote:
2. In tsearch.sql, there are multiple places where the test is trying
to exercise some just-created index. This works as expected if the
tests are run serially, but the indexes are (usually) not used if the
tests are run in parallel. The reason is that the table was UPDATEd
earlier in the test, so it has broken HOT chains, and other tests that
are run concurrently with this one usually have open transactions that
are older than the index.

There are a number of possible responses to #2, for instance:

2A. We could opine that this is not a bug; the whole point of running
parallel tests is to exercise code paths that are not taken in the
serial tests.
It might be useful to add another test case that exercises the other code path
in parallel mode anyway, e.g., a similar table that is not updated earlier in
the test.

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