Selena Deckelmann wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:
Selena Deckelmann <> writes:
From the comment in hba.c, it appears that the desired behavior is to
have the system ignore the failure,
I'm not sure how you could possibly read that comment that way.
Right. Sorry, poor choice of words. I meant "don't die on reload",
The comment is wrong, the patch is correct.

It might be sane to distinguish initial load from reload, but I think
the behavior is correct as-is for initial load.
The patch solves this perfectly fine. The caller takes care of sending a
FATAL error if it's in startup mode.

Also, if we are going to do something like this, we should make sure
it's consistent across all the config files.
Ok. I can do that. I'll check with some other people before I send
another patch, and I'll go through the rest of the config file loads
From what I can tell, it is already consistent (once this fix is
applied). Permissions wrong on postgresql.conf already sends a warning
and not a FATAL. Same for pg_ident.conf.

So. I've updated the comment, and applied your patch. Thanks!

(You also added a trailing space on the if line - might want to check if
you can get your editor to warn about that. Or "git diff" will..)


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