Just a quick look. At first point. Your change introduces new page layout
version. Which is not acceptable from my point of view for 8.4 (it add another
complexity to inplace upgrade). And I guest that it maybe works fine on 64bits
x86 but it will fail on SPARC and other machine which requires aligned data.


Ryan Bradetich napsal(a):
Hello all,

Here is a proof-of-concept patch for reducing the alignment
requirement for heap tuples on 64-bit systems.
This patch passes the regression tests and a couple of other data sets
I have thrown at it.

I am hoping to get some early feedback on this patch so I have time to
make any corrections, improvements,
etc before the November commit-fest deadline.

There are two visible savings in the system catalogs using this patch
(size was gathered using \S+):

Catalog Pre-Patch Size After Patch Size

pg_depend 312 kB 296 kB
pg_description 160 kB 152 kB

One thing I am considering, but I am not sure if it is worth the code
uglification, is to wrap the majority of these
checks in #ifdefs so they only are used on 64-bit systems. This
would completely eliminate the impact for this
patch on 32-bit systems, which would not gain any benefit from this patch.

Feedback welcome!


- Ryan


Zdenek Kotala Sun Microsystems
Prague, Czech Republic http://sun.com/postgresql

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