Bruce Momjian wrote:
Tom Lane wrote:
"Marko Kreen" <> writes:
On 11/10/07, Bruce Momjian wrote:
OK, first question. How would someone have the 8.0 signatures in 8.2?
Don't they reinstall pgcrypto for every major release?
Why reinstall if the functions come from dump?
At least in skype we stumbled on the problem. But if the reinstall
is widespread practice, then indeed it may not be worth bothering.
If you don't re-run a contrib module's sql script then you don't get any
new functions that may have been added to the module. So I think the
real issue here is that we ought to deprecate the idea of skipping that
step, period.
When did we ever promote such a skipping idea? Seems we need to add
some documentation for this. Once we get the /contrib docs moved to
SGML I can add something.
Documentation added.

Bruce Momjian <>

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