Marko Kreen wrote:
On 11/6/07, Bruce Momjian wrote:
Alvaro Herrera wrote:
Tom, how about putting a note about that into next 8.2 minor
release notes? (8.3 too?) Something like "You need to refresh
pgcrypto functions, because since rel 8.2 the code depends
on functions being tagged STRICT."
Seems 8.2.5 was released without this release notes mention, but we
haven't gotten any complaints about it so perhaps we don't need to add
Huh, I see exactly that complaint above.
My point is that we can't mention it in the release notes until 8.2.6.
Will there still be people who are having an issue with it who haven't
found the problem already? And if we put it in 8.2.6, it really was
effective for 8.2 so we just mention it in 8.2.6 and say it applies to
8.2.X too?
We know that only few people have found the problem, because
there is no way for them to guess what the fix should be
by themselves, without consulting postgres lists.

And I suspect most of the people who have not found out about
the bug would still like to fix it in their setup, as crashing
database is not fun. If only they knew about the problem...
OK, should we add a mention in the 8.2.6 release notes or put it in the
8. notes and figure if someone is upgrading they will read the 8.2
notes? What would the description be?

Bruce Momjian <>

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