I know this isn't *our* fault :) but I am curious if there is
anything we can do about the way postgresql writes files to help
limit fragmentation.

Essentially, this makes win32 impossible in a 24x7 environment
(jokes aside about Win32 in general) because we *have* to
defrag on
Windows and Windows won't defrag open files (thus
anything PostgreSQL is using).
BTW, do you know what 11% fragmentation means? Does that mean each
file is on average split in 9 pieces, because for a 1GB file, 9
pieces isn't all that bad.
in our win32/ntfs environment, only 6 pgsql data-files are
fragmented. but they are heavily fragmented. fragmentiation
ranges from 1369 fragments for a 14mb file to 4548 fragments
for a 628mb one... the database is only 1 week old.
Which relations do these files represent?


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