Steve Crawford wrote:

So this bug actually brings the issue of interval to_char()
formatting. Opinions?
In digging around I discovered that it appears a decision was made to
remove to_char(interval) at the 8.1 release but I've been unable to
find the replacement for this functionality. This alarms me.

Given the messages I've seen regarding to_char(interval), it's clearly
a function that is used. As an example, in our telephony systems
there is a column for start_time and for end_time. Billing involves a
sum(end_time-start_time) for the appropriate project/client/period.
Naturally, that interval needs to be displayed appropriately.

The most common request I've seen (and it would be very helpful for me
as well) is the ability to fill the largest displayed time increment
with all remaining time in the interval.

In other words when the total increment is 7 days, 7 hours, 28
minutes, 12 seconds the desired output would be 10528 minutes 12
seconds. Think phone-billing, race times, mission clocks, etc.


1) Is there really a plan to eliminate to_char(interval)?

2) If so, what is the replacement?

3) If there isn't a replacement and it's just scheduled for
elimination, what harm was to_char(interval) causing to require its
removal and what's the best way to lobby for its retention and




I am with you on this. The interval functionality is very useful and it
will be bad if it gets eliminated. I believe that the best course of
action is to keep the to_char(interval) but restrict the available
format specifications (the textual representation specificators like

Lyubomir Petrov

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