At 06:19 AM 6/11/2004, Tom Lane wrote:
You had muttered something about wanting to add
a TOC entry field for this --- do you still want to do the work?
You can probably get it done faster than I could, but I dunno if you
have time at the moment. I'd like to get it in over the weekend so
that we can put out a new beta next week.
Time is at a serious premium for me at the moment (I have several projects
all due about now); but I wrote a patch for this a few weeks back, so it
should not be a lot of work (unless pg_dump has changed in the last couple
of months).

I will *try* to get it done by Monday morning your time, and will let you
know if I am going to miss this deadline as soon as I know.

BTW, part of the backend changes was to stop emitting TABLESPACE
clauses in pg_get_indexdef() and pg_get_constraintdef() output,
so as of CVS tip pg_dump will in fact fail to restore index tablespaces
accurately. I assume this is the backend behavior you want, but
holler if not.
Excellent. I assume that anything that can have a tablespace (database,
schema(?), table and index -- anything else?) should emit a 'set
default_tablespace="ts"' before creation (and that this will affect
auto-created indexes as appropriate, whatever that means).

Thanks for all the work.

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