At 05:41 AM 21/10/2004, Robert Treat wrote:
I've been thinking of an alternative solution that sounds very similar
to this. The idea is to output the CREATE TABLESPACE commands inside
1) tablespace already exists
to fail, but since we no longer stop on error during restore,
A fact I positively loath! Relying on the 'bluder-on-regardless' approach
is not something I'd like to enshrine.

2) if you have to restore on a machine with a different disk layout,
give pg_restore a --override-tablespace command, which would substitute
pg_default tablespace into the creation command of any tablespaces that
get passed in. The bonus is that we would only have to parse on one
specific command rather than worry about parsing several different
commands. ...
I'm still inclined to avoid any parsing if at all possible. We should hit
the code that generates the definitions (90% in pg_dump) and turn the
definitions into more intelligent templates.

... I was thinking that you could
create two logical tablespaces on the same physical directory.
This is basically the virtual/fake tablespace idea.

Sometimes I think it is worth stepping back from a problem and ask what
would we do if we had a clean slate, then use that to inform our current
set of decisions. I'd be very interested in other people's ideas, but my
thinking is:

- we might not have a tablespace clause inside object definitions; we could
add a STORE TABLE xxx IN TABLESPACE ts statement. Not really practical
now; but worth bearing in mind as an approach for future non-standard syntax.
- we'd have a full set of ALTER xxx SET TABLESPACE commands which moved
relevant data etc. We have most of them.
- pg_dump would issue the alter commands after creating the object; OK, it
moves files, not very efficient, but using a 'SET MAGIC_TABLESPACE_VAR' has
previously been discounted as a solution.

*If* you accept this as a good approach in an ideal world, then I think we
need to ask ourselves if we should implement the remaining ALTER commands
in 8.0 and be done with it.

The other solutions: magic-tablespace-var, virtual-tablespaces...all seem
to add clunky functionality that will only be used in pg_dump. If we're
going to add something, I'd prefer not to add clutter.

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