Hi Gavin,

Although I have not read the SQL 2003 spec, my recollection of other database
products' stored procs differed from your description in one significant way,
namely that they could return multiple (and varied) sets of rows.

For example, a stored proc could do a SELECT over foo and then a SELECT over
bar and return the tuples of both foo and bar. (each having different column
counts, types, etc)

The JDBC interfaces would appear to illustrate this point.
(In CallableStatement)

"A CallableStatement can return one ResultSet object or multiple ResultSet
objects. Multiple ResultSet objects are handled using operations inherited
from Statement."


Gavin Sherry wrote:
Hi all,

Following is a proposal to implement what SQL2003 calls 'SQL-Invoked
Procedures' and what most people refer to as stored procedures. Fujitsu
will be funding Neil Conway and I to work on this feature.
[lots of interesting detail]

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