Andreas Pflug writes:
- what about Oracle portability.
IMHO we should rethink if we could make those people happy. How about a
loadable personality (IIRC SAPDB has something like that), to exchange
the parser in use with a custom one (by a SET command)? This way we have
a pure ansi default, while enabling a way so someone could contribute an
oracle style parser.
How about an external tool that helps in translating apps to
SQL-standard syntax? Oracle does accept the standard syntax after all.
That way we are truly helping people liberate themselves: they can
switch to any SQL-compliant database, not only Postgres.
I totally agree. After all, oracle provides such tools to their customers.
External tool is one thing, but the loadable personality seems like a
very good idea and worth discussing further.

For ANSI standard, you need a checker that will reject non-ANSI right?
How do you handle the same thing for Oracle and others. It would be very
difficult to go through the parser and annotate everything as IsOracle
or IsANSI etc..

IMHO the loadable personality would allow considerable further
compatibility, but without effecting core behaviours. As we've seen,
many of these products behave in exactly opposite ways, so we need a way
that can cater for them all.

Porting is such a pain...there has to be a better way.

Best regards, Simon Riggs

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